All are encouraged. Pepper welcomes the music of all composers to be represented for sale on our website, whether self-published or through an established publishing house. Our business is with the publisher, which can be a mid-size company, but is most often a small business or individual self-published composer. If agreeable business terms can be reached, we aim to provide their full spectrum of works through this website to the degree we are able. 

Publishers or self-published composers can reach our Product Sales Team at


Part of the solution. Pepper is actively involved in dialog and advocacy around diversity and inclusion in organizations across the United States. Our goal is to be a good corporate citizen, have fair business practices, and support the musical needs of the school, church, and community groups we serve. 


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My Score. Since 2012 Pepper has offered the My Score self-publishing platform in which writers can bring their music to sell over our platforms. Pepper works with some nonprofit organizations to provide reduced rate and gratis My Score memberships to help composers get a foothold in moving their career forward. My Score offers support to composers in building  their professional network and by providing practical advice on compositional and promotional topics. My Score: