Pepper contributes to a healthy climate for composers in three primary ways, by supporting new music sessions throughout the US, through our My Score self-publishing platform and grant program, and by making as wide an array of music as possible available to musicians through our retail network.

New music sessions. Pepper is the largest provider of new music reading session materials at local, state and regional music conferences.  Through that work we help scores of new composers a year get their works into the hands of conductors.  Most scores and composers featured in these sessions are selected by association repertoire committees to address a variety of audiences, themes, and needs of their membership.  Pepper is a proud supporter of hundreds of reading sessions across the United States.  It’s quite a lot of work, but we think it’s worth the effort as these sessions help bring new music and composers to the fore.

My Score.  In 2012, Pepper launched My Score, a service specifically designed to bring music by self-published composers to market, creating a more inclusive library of offerings. Currently more than 1,400 independent composers have their works for sale through this website.  My Score encourages many new voices to be found through our network.  Our goal is to provide music leaders with the broadest array of music available so they can choose what works best for their performers.

My Score Membership Grants. To further that goal, Pepper funds My Score grants to nonprofit composer organizations and educational institutions annually, with special consideration given to composers who have written for or plan to write for school-age performers.  The spirit of the grant program is to enrich the repertoire for young performers so they can experience more diverse composing styles.

With My Score and the grants, we hope to make a difference in raising awareness of writers who wish to bring their works to a larger audience.

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