Add or select the Ensemble for which you are creating folders . All users have a Free Small Ensemble with five folders that may be used. This feature allows directors new to ePrint folders to try it out, and it allows subscribers to experiment without taking up one of their available ensembles.

For subscribers, each Ensemble can have a maximum of 500 folders. Consider carefully how you want your folders to be named and used. You can edit Folder Names and Passcodes at any time, but remember – you will need to let your members know if you change either of these, as their login to ePrint Folders will change.  

It’s best to first think about how you see yourself using folders over the course of a year and from year to year. Typical naming conventions:


Name of the member (e.g., Kathy F, John B)

Pros: The advantage here is that folder assignment is always clear to both the director and the members. This makes it easy to tailor music assignments for those needing more material for review or challenge in their practice.

Cons: You will need to edit the Folder Name to match a new member once the original member is no longer in your group. The music can still be inside the folder, ready for use by any new member you want to give it to.

Name of the part or position in the group (e.g., Alto Sax 1, Violin 2)

Pros: If you have a standard folder configuration you use year after year, such as a jazz ensemble or barbershop quartet, naming by part may work well for you. At year-end, you can recall all the music from the folders – your ensemble’s folders will be set up for the next set of music to be assigned.

Cons: You will need to generate new Passcodes and get them out to your members when membership changes or parts change due to auditions for seating, etc.