The only information Pepper stores about a composer is their name as printed on the music and the publisher of their work.  Other than for composers who participate in our My Score self-publishing platform, we have no composer database per se, simply the name as provided to us by the copyright owner.

Should you seek more information on our site, there are two pathways that may be helpful.  Composer information may be found in liner notes you can access through our score previews.  Also, composers who use Pepper’s My Score service offer a short biography on their composer page.  Both methods respect the composer’s privacy as they represent information the composer has willingly shared publicly.

Should you desire to know more about a composer, there are online resources created by composers themselves; their authorized representatives such as their publicist or publisher; and institutions that are legally allowed to curate such information. Pepper must respect all composers’ right to privacy.  While we understand the desire to have more information, we must balance that with privacy concerns as well as composers’ desire to avoid being personally labeled so their music may speak for itself.