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A Cappella - without instrumental accompaniment
Editors' Choice - Each year our editors review thousands of new titles from hundreds of publishers. They check ranges, difficulty, playability and more, and select only the very best. With Editors' Choice, you have access to the highest quality new literature, handpicked by our editors.

Basic Library - directs you to time honored, proven repertoire
New Music released within the last [12] months

ePrint Music - Digital sheet music.

ePrint lets you purchase, print, and view your music on any device. Mark up your music and save your notes on your digital copy. ePrint works on virtually all browsers and operating systems.


You can view ePrint music when it appears in the product list. 

Downloads - The MP3 will be available for immediate download through 'My Library' after purchase.

Large Print Edition (L.P.E.) - music is choral music printed on 9" x 12" paper. Pepper created large-print editions to make things easier for singers who have difficulty reading traditional octavos. It is significantly larger than a typical choral octavo, but retains the same pagination, measure numbers and page turns.

My Library - (Shown in a product listing.) This service allows you to access your ePrint purchases to print your music, play on any device, and save your markings. Plan and organize your next performance and build playlists so you can preview your programs.

View Sheet Music - (Shown in the product listing.) When you click on this icon, a preview of the score will appear. These will be watermarked sample pages and are for previewing purposes only. If an audio sample is available with the song, you can also play it while viewing the sample pages.
Audio - (Shown in the product listing.) This icon means that there is an audio sample available for the item you are viewing. Clicking on the speaker icon will bring up a separate window where you can play the performance sample. This is for listening purposes only and cannot be downloaded.
View Video - (Shown in a product listing.) This icon appears if there is a video included with a product listing. By clicking on the icon, a separate window will open with a YouTube video embedded. The content of the video may vary - sometimes an actual performance of the work will be presented, other times a visual representation of the audio with the page turns may be chosen.