Follow this link to the Bookkeeper Registration tab or click on the My Account tab > Bookkeeper Account and follow the steps below to submit the form.

Note: You will need your billing account number.

1. From the 'Register/Sign Up' tab, enter your account number and click the 'Register Me' button.

2. Fill out the form that appears. 
Note: Organization must exactly match the name as it appears on your account's statements and invoices. Do not abbreviate or use a different name. 

3. Click the Register button to submit your completed form.
Note: You will receive a confirmation email from J.W. Pepper once your registration is accepted; usually within 24 hours.

Log into your Bookkeeper Account

After your registration is approved, you can access Bookkeeper Services anytime from the My Account drop-down > Bookkeeper Account button.

From the Log In tab, use your Account Number and Password to sign in.