How to read statements & FAQs

Invoice NumberThe invoice number
Invoice DateRecorded date for transaction activity
Transaction TypeIdentifies the activity (Invoice/Credit Memo/Payment)
Due DateDate the invoice is due
Reference/Purchase OrderYour reference number or purchase order associated with the invoice
Your check number and total check amount will show here
Original AmountThe unadjusted amount of the invoice
The check amount debited against the invoice
The Credit amount
“Lockbox” is our term for the bank account where all J.W. Pepper check payments are remitted. If you make a payment by check, your statement will list an indication that we received it along with the relevant check number.
For example:
LOCKBOX- CHECK 12345 means that we received a payment by check and that the check number is 12345.
This phrase indicates that we received a credit card payment on your account. It does not mean that you used a J.W. Pepper card.
For example: 
JWP CREDIT CARD- $60.00 means that we received a payment by credit card in the amount of $60.00.
This is a purchase credit card generated by your school.
This is a balance sitting on your account—typically either a duplicate payment or an overpayment—that you haven’t applied to a purchase. Go online or give us a call to resolve any unapplied payments.
Open AmountRemaining unpaid balance
Account BalanceThe total amount owed on the account as of the statement printing

What is an on-account payment?

An on-account payment is an unapplied amount posted to your account. These payments are created from check overpayments when there are no remaining open balances, and the check amount is more than the statement amount due. They are also generated when the remittance information is not provided or is incorrect and we are unable to determine the correct invoice(s) to be paid.

Credits & Charges


How can I use an open credit on my account?

Why does my ePrint Invoice have shipping charges?


Payments & Invoices

Information to include with payments by check

Please include the following information when mailing check payments:

  • Account number
  • Invoice number
  • The amount allocated to each invoice

This will ensure your checks are accurately applied as you intend.

Why do I have multiple invoices for one order?

Pepper sends an invoice for each shipment made, so if it takes more than one shipment to complete your order, you will receive more than one invoice. You are only charged shipping once per order, which will appear on the first invoice. We never include digital items in calculating shipping fees, although digital items may appear on a list of products with the first invoice.

How do I get copies of invoices?

What type of payments do you accept?


Where do I send my check payments?

How do I pay off my balance online?